Playboy creator Hugh Hefner is actually infamous for having a kind: feminine, blonde, busty, and color

Playboy creator Hugh Hefner is actually infamous for having a kind: feminine, blonde, busty, and color

Hugh Hefner

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Playboy creator Hugh Hefner is definitely infamous in order to have a type: female, blond, busty, and brown. However, a long time before The Girls next-door and partner Crystal Harris, Hef actually reportedly installed with a man. Within the e-book Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner in addition to the United states Dream (via The Huffington article), it actually was disclosed that Hefner engaged in more than one tryst with another dude.

“Hefner’s thirst for sexual experience came to be very tough he even experienced an one-time homosexual feel,” publisher Steven Watts wrote. “One morning in the downtown area Chicago he had been propositioned and, as outlined by [Hefner’s good friend Eldon] Sellers, they ‘thought, what the nightmare. Found it a unique enjoy.'”

Hefner’s ex-girlfriend, previous Playmate Carrie Leigh, advertised (via sunlight) that this hoe frequently moved in on your are intimate along with other men in their five-year commitment.

Hefner assured The Washington Post in 1999, “There was some bisexuality when you look at the heterosexual, swinging aspect of my life. I was screening the boundaries, just slamming lower wall space . That time period sexual experimenting try over.”

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez (pictured kept) has gotten some very public hookups, though she seldom converse about their personal life. “I would not discuss the things I do in my snatch, and they are all fascinated. I’ve never moved the carpeting with anybody, so they inquire: how much does she accomplish along with her vagina? Plus, I perform a butchy girl regularly, so that they assume I’m a lesbo . They aren’t too far off,” she advised recreation regular in 2013. “i have gone both means. I do because I be sure to. Im way too f**king fascinated to sit down here instead of consider as I can. Men are fascinating. So can be girls.”

Months from then on interview, Rodriguez began going out with Cara Delevingne (pictured ideal), that’s about 14 age her junior. It didn’t last, and Rodriguez rebounded with Baywatch sensation Zac Efron. And just wild while she informed meeting mag, “I have nothing consistent throughout my lifestyle. But that’s exactly where serendipity is available in so I love that . I got plenty excellent friends, even so the thought of staying in a long-lasting partnership? Psh, We possibly couldn’t endure a lot more than half a year with someone.”

Whitney Houston

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Even though the later part of the Whitney Houston’s matrimony to Bobby Dark brown was definitely publicized, insiders currently whispering for several years it was truly this lady connection with individual assistant Robyn Crawford that caused them drop, because them group weren’t able to accept that she was at adore with another woman. (Houston’s mom, Cissy, informed Oprah Winfrey in 2013 so it “absolutely” possess angered this model if Houston am homosexual or bisexual.)

Crawford and Houston apparently found as kids in East tangerine, N.J. Crawford got a constant in popular sensation’s life, even with Houston and Dark brown married in 1992. ” I would not think [Houston] ended up being gay, In my opinion she had been bisexual,” Houston’s past hair stylist, Ellin Lavar, says from inside the motion picture (via The Telegraph). Long lasting vibrant, her connection apparently powered a large number of tension with Dark brown.

“Bobby Dark brown and Robyn Crawford jointly was actually the equivalent of flames and liquid, gas and a short fuse. They despised each other,” Houston’s past bodyguard, David Roberts, states through the 2017 documentary Whitney: may i Be me personally. “they can struggle on her affection.” The man reported those combats between Dark brown and Crawford occasionally flipped bodily. If Crawford placed Houston in 1999, some point out that ended up being the beginning of the bottom for Houston’s health insurance and health. During the documentary, insider Allison Samuels says, “Robyn would be the person who is retaining [Houston] collectively.”

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan have longer, tumultuous union with Disc Jockey Samantha Ronson in 2008 and 2009. Still, the struggling Mean babes starlet contends she actually is perhaps not homosexual or bisexual. She instructed Piers Morgan in 2013 (via The Huffington posting), “I realize I’m straight. I’ve constructed with teenagers before, and I have a relationship with a female. But In my opinion I had to develop to perceive that and I do think I became seeking something else.” Before, Lilo said that she don’t need “categorize” by herself.

However, Ronson reportedly was not Lohan’s sole same-sex partnership. News of the globe (via Gawker) reported that Lohan has also been presumably setting up with Yahoo heiress Courtenay Semel while she and Ronson were collectively. Radar Online stated that Lohan and Semel stayed friendly even with their unique partnership finished. A source stated,”They provide experienced these an insane background jointly, however appears they might be in a lot better location currently.”

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